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Diagnosis delay is a big and unacceptable problem affecting women, not just for rare diseases but for many common conditions.  At Sum Health, we believe that solving this problem starts with taking the time to listen and really ‘hear’ what women say.

Most of us, with undiagnosed conditions, spend hours online looking for answers and sharing our long health journeys, hoping to find someone just like us. Someone who’s been there and knows what to do. We tell our medical stories to our friends, co-workers and on social media hoping that the right person reads them and shares advice that will change our life.

At Sum Health, we take luck and randomness out of this equation and connect you directly to others like you and find personalized insights to get you closer to your diagnosis, faster.

Our mission is to organize women’s health data and make it universally accessible and useful.

How it Works

We’re a Sweden based AI driven healthtech startup on a mission to improve the understanding of patients’ health journeys and use what we learn to make healthcare more patient centric. We are developing a real understanding of patient narratives, as told in their own words, using modern natural language processing – basically, using data and AI for good.

Tell Your Story

Share your story in your own words, in as much detail as you wish to share. Your medical stories are sensitive and are shared anonymously and safely.

Be matched

We match you to the most relevant people with similar stories we find in our database and across the internet – so you don’t have to comb through pages and pages of irrelevant stuff.  Use your personal community and insights to get the answers you need faster.

Give back

Help and support others like you. The information shared is turned into useful insights that helps the Sum Health community, and eventually, the wider healthcare ecosystem, to treat patients like you. 




We aim to be the best source of insights about diseases derived from patient-generated narratives, and to provide these to digital tools and services to make healthcare more efficient, accessible and patient-driven. Sum Health is developing a unique expertise in AI analysis of patient narratives, in their own words, including larger volumes of stories from social media data, forums and other responsibly-sourced long narratives from the web.

Are you an innovation, marketing or research group within a healthcare Company or organization?

Are you interested in the use of patient-centric narrative data to better understand patient needs? Are you looking to better understand patients journeys and care cycles around a specific disease of interest? Are you looking to improve your marketing and processes that engage patients more directly?

Are you a medical or public health research group?

We’re looking for partners that want to add a new dimension to their understanding of specific diseases, especially those with longer diagnostic times or conditions that are chronic. Reach out to us if you want to explore, at scale, how patients experience and talk about their conditions, in their own words, and what those patient journeys look like over time.

Are you a patient advocacy organization, disease community or forum?

Are you keen to better understand what your community is talking about and know how your patients talk about their diseases in social media? If you’re a forum, would you like to improve its function by automatically adding other relevant posts, when a user creates their post and potentially link other relevant pages from across the internet?

Contact us if you’re interested in pioneering the use of patient-centric narrative data insights. 

Reach out to us at or on LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you.

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Galina Esther Shubina

(Co-Founder / CTO)

Galina’s background is as a software engineer, data scientist and manager of data science and AI teams. She spent 10 years with Google working on some of the core AI applications related to advertising. More recently she has built data, analytics and AI teams  for Schibsted Media and Northvolt. 5 years ago, she co-founded Women in Data Science Sweden, whose goal is to grow and support a large community of women technologists in data science, AI and machine learning in Sweden. Now she’s hoping to use AI and patient’s own stories to improve their lives, while consuming copious amounts of coffee ☕

Valerie Richardson

(Co-Founder / CEO)

Valerie is an anthropologist turned technology executive. She spent 15 years at Google in various commercial and operational roles with a primary focus on monetisation and distribution. More recently, she spent time building an industrial platforms team at General Electric, applying her understanding of how to use data and insights to improve and transform business operations. As any anthropologist will tell you, telling stories is how humans make sense of the world. Valerie is on a mission to organize patients’ health stories so they can make sense of their conditions and get the help and support they deserve.

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Our mission is to organize women’s health data in whatever forms it exists and make it accessible and useful in reducing time to diagnosis. We believe that improving the patient experience and quality of life starts with taking the time to listen and really ‘hear’ what women say.

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